Tundra is fashion house that specialises in making sheep skin coats and jackets for both men and women of diverse cultures and different personalities. Tundra clothing are mainly made from premium sheep skin that is harvested keenly and with skill woven together to create fashion trendy coats and jackets for both men and women. One of the main goals of Tundra is to fight cold while still maintaining a sense of fashion to their clients. This is achieved through the use of wools harvested from sheep skin.
Tundra clothing are long lasting and could serve a client for a long period of time before becoming obsolete due to our use of strong YKK metal zippers that would last a long time before spoiling. We also make use of nature given magnificent material – the sheep skin- as our main product in making our clothing. Our coats use handmade wooden buttons which makes them unique and vintage in a way and still classy.
Our brand is small upcoming fashion house that custom makes fashion pieces for its clients and deliver all over the world. We make use of our pretty and classy models that showcases different fashion pieces that suits different personalities to our diverse clientele.

Tundra Team
Rustem Galeev
Marketing and PR
He is in charge of all you see, hear and know about Tundra. His main concern and responsibility is making sure Tundra jackets are well marketed.
Oxana Andryoushtshenko
She is in charge of all the sales made for Tundra jackets. She will discuss with you all your details regarding your choice of our products.
Rustem Razapov
Design and production
For over 15 years, he has been the responsible for all the happy clients due to his trendy sheep skin wear production.
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